Acadia Healthcare operates a network of 247 behavioral healthcare facilities across the United States and Puerto Rico.

The members of the Acadia Healthcare treatment network’s clinical content team have significant experience working in and writing about behavioral healthcare. The goal of the Acadia clinical content team is to enhance readers’ understanding of important issues and empower them to make more informed decisions for themselves or on behalf of their loved ones. With backgrounds that include clinical therapy, research, education, professional writing/editing, and public relations, the team is uniquely prepared to present complex information in an accessible and actionable format. Education, licensures, and certifications of team members include master’s degrees in clinical counseling and community counseling, bachelor’s degree in communication arts, and certifications in counseling and secondary education. Team members work in close collaboration with experts at Acadia programs throughout the United States to ensure that they are providing complete, accurate, and relevant information that incorporates both longstanding truths and emerging developments in the fields of mental health, behavioral health, and addiction treatment.